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Our Mission

GenAZN is a student-run grassroots movement advocating the rights, empowerment, and diversity of this generation's Asian-Americans. By providing resources through social media and on the ground, we work towards the mobilization and empowerment of AAPI youth.

Our Mission: About Us

What We Do

GenAZN rallies all AAPI diaspora and allies against anti-Asian American sentiment which too often manifests itself in brutal violence. GenAZN gives a voice to marginalized communities, reports hate crimes, and educates America of the ongoing struggles and contributions of AAPI people to American society. Ultimately, GenAZN seeks to achieve peace, solidarity, and understanding among the many communities of our country.

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Rallying All AAPI and Allies

 GenAZN works closely with grassroots organizations like the They Can’t Burn Us All movement, Asians for Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice to create a more just nation for all, while hosting rallies of our own in our community. 

Giving a Voice to the Marginalized

GenAZN seeks to defend the marginalized AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) communities of America. Time and time again, Asian American communities have found themselves the victims of discrimination and violence as seen in the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the internment of Japanese Americans, and now pandemic-driven scapegoating, with nearly 500 reports of attacks and 41 violent assaults in the past two months alone. It is time we band together to put an end to this senseless discrimination. Our brothers and sisters should not be required to prove the Americanness of their existence. This country belongs to all of us, and we must fight for a better future for the youth.

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Change through Education

GenAZN aspires to educate America of the ongoing struggles and contributions of AAPI people to American society. These are realities too frequently downplayed in our education curriculum today. Thus, GenAZN reaches out to local activists, launches local campaigns, and petitions Bay Area schools for more inclusive curriculums reflective of the realities of their students. Change starts now.

Our Mission: What We Do
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